FAQs - Main things about clinic fetishism

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FAQs - Main things about clinic fetishism

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Fetish and Fetishism

What is a fetish?

That’s very well explained here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_fetishism

Short, a fetish is a recurring fantasy, triggered by an object (E.g., clothing), a particular situation (E.g., examination by a doctor) or a special word or phrase, which someone perceive sexually stimulating.
A fetish is no sexual disorder!
Psychologists assume that at least 80% of all healthy adults have a fetish (if you expand the term a little wider and add things like dieting, sports, clothes or make up), with a slightly higher percentage of male fetishists. The fetish becomes a mental disorder if the fetishist can’t have sex anymore without its fetish, if other humans or animals will get affected against their will and get some injuries or damage, or if the fetishist itself suffers because he feels obsessed by its fetish fantasy.

What is the special thing about Clinic Fetish?
The clinic fetish is a very popular fetish, which splits in countless facets and variations.
It has been known for a very long time and can be considered mainstream fetish.

What's the difference between White Erotics and Clinic Fetish - is there any difference?

There still is no scientifical definition for both. Maybe you can say, that white erotic is the generic term and clinic fetish is part of it.

What's the difference between CF and other White Erotic communities and message boards?

CF is dedicated mostly to the realistic OR-Simulation.
That means, our members are interested in realistic equipment, clothes and authentic protocols, even if they add some unrealistic, bizarre or kinks fantasies.

What does OR-Simulation mean?

It's he perfection of doctor plays.
Instead of an examination in a doctor's office, you are playing in a surgery at the hospital, which of course means a much greater effort in equipment and for the players.

Isn't it illegal?

No! White erotics and clinic play aren't illegal - in Germany.
Every time you manipulate on others people body, even it is only for fixation, you are in this grey area sexuality seems generally located. The border to illegal acting is not far away.

The clinic fetish includes also varieties that you can - in case of damage or conflict - interpret as a misdemeanor or crime, as negligent or intentional injury, violation of the health practitioners act, etc.

Do all fetishists use real medication and drugs and make real treatments?

Unfortunately there are some people who do so, without give an attention to the risks.

But isn't it in man parts of our life the same? Even there are some people who cause accidents by wrong way driving, you don't sell your car. In some cases you should take their driving license or keys away.

The main goal of CF is it, to tell about the risks and discuss interesting but harmless play alternatives.

Do you give specific instructions in the Forum?

For legal reason it's not possible! And we think, that a good instruction should be given in practice not in theory. Our ideal is, that a hobby doc should be supervised by at least one or more hobby docs and hobby patients with a real life medical profession.
In CF you can expand your knowledge in theory. But we don't think that the content of our forum enables you in any way, to do real treatments in fetish context. It's the same with car racing. Watching every Formula 1 or Indy Car race does not enable anyone to drive a car on a normal motorway.

Is the fetish always connected with having sex?

No. Surprisingly, only a minority combines the fetish with the coitus.[/size]

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