FAQs - What does FSK 16/18 mean?

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FAQs - What does FSK 16/18 mean?

Beitragvon Clinic-Forum-Management » So Feb 03, 2013 8:28 pm

FSK 16 and FSK 18

The forum consits in two main sections: "FSK 16" and "FSK 18".
FSK 16 means it's appropriate for minors who are at least 16 years of age.
FSH 18 means it's only appropriate for adults.

The following materials (text, image, video, etc.) are strictly forbidden in the "FSK 16" section:
  • Any kind of sexuality
  • Any kind of nudity (genitals, breasts and even naked buttocks)
  • Any kind of violence (BDSM, forced examinations, blood, etc.)
  • Any kind of material what you don't want to show your teenage child

This is one of the most important rules of the forum. Please understand, that we have to act according to German laws.

If you want to see or post this kind of material, you can ask the moderators to grant you access to the "FSK 18" section. However, you have to fulfill these criteria:
  • You have to be at least 18 years old.
  • Your forum account has to be at least 2 month old.
  • You have to be active in the "FSK 16" section. We don't take account the number of your post, but the quality of them.
  • You have to submit yourself a fake-check process. This can be done several ways, for example skype or telephone call. You can discuss this with the moderators.

(Translation by DrTomas)

Some questions about FSK 18:

Why ist he Forum divided in FSK 16 and FSK 18, and what does it mean?

For youth protection!
We secure this way, that minors can't see inappropriate content and can't get damage at soul or moral.

What is FSK 18 content?

That's not so easy to specify. In case of doubt, only a court can decide.

Maybe you should think about that:
FSK 18 content are those topics you, as a caring and old fashioned grandparent would not show your sensitive grandchild.
This includes pictures of genitals (also breast and butt), sexual acts and violence of all kinds (E.g. also shackles and handcuffs). It doesn't matter if only by word or in picture.

Our forum supports those rules. We think: due to their intellectual development, children and teenagers can't classify and see fetish things properly. The topics above they should know and try in the right age and at the right place, after they will have made "normal" sexual experiences and are ready for it. We think they should do some innocent doctor plays in the sandbox first. ;-) Thats important for a healthy upbringing.

We are very strict with youth protection in CF, - we have to. If we violate the German Jugendschutzgesetz (youth protection law) willingly, we are threatened by one year in jail.

Here is a link to the German youth protection law: http://www.bmfsfj.de/RedaktionBMFSFJ/Br ... b=true.pdf

I’m not 18 yet, but totally into clinic-fetish and I’ve made some experiences with it, may I join?

No! We don't want minors in the forum!
It's against the German law and we think they are not ready for it. Just like minors don't want their parents or their friends parents at a party, we don't want to have our children or our children's pals here in our forum.

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